Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Uncolor does not send any data to any server. We record nothing about you or your behavior. We cannot disclose what we do not have. The only exeption is that if Uncolor was to crash on your device, Apple would send the crash report to us. The crash report doesn't have any information that would identify you. It only contains details about the crash.

The only data we store on the phone is the picture you are on. We stay on the same picture because little children like consistency. That's why they get shown in the same order each time. We don't ever send that information anywhere.

Very cute app!!! -

by Kozimouse - Version 1.2 - 03 May 2010

My niece will love this. She loves any app that is interactive, and this will soon be one of her favorites!! Only suggestion is you might want to add sound once the picture is uncovered.
love it-
by TheLonelyIslandLover - Version 1.2 - 04 May 2010

i love it its so fun to uncover them and see them move