Kids too young to color can Uncolor!

A simply beautiful app for babies and small children. Kids too young to color can uncolor.

By rubbing their finger across the screen, babies enjoy uncovering the the pictures beneath. When finished, there is a surprise to make little ones giggle.

The pictures are handcrafted by artist, Christina Merryman, at her kitchen table. She gets lots of wonderful input from her children.

Great Kid's App-
by GaryWG

This app is recommended for ages 4+, but my 7 month daughter loves it. Even at this early age she's slapping the screen and has figured out that if she clears all the black masking from the screen that she'll get an animation and another picture to uncover. With each encounter she is learning more about interactivity and causation. The last app update included some new pictures and better animations, both of which were appreciated. We're looking forward to the next version!